Duct Cleaning

Quick Recovery Group Inc. uses the Rotobrush Technology, the best air duct cleaning equipment in the market today.

The Rotobrush technology combines a rotary brush with a powerful HEPA Vacuum that agitates dust, debris and contaminants from the air duct and allow it easy extraction. Different sizes of brushes are used base on the size of the ductwork.

The Rotobrush technology can be used for fiber glass as well as metal duct, researches said that 90% of homeowners want better indoor air quality, that why with offer Duct cleaning services to our valuable customers.

The process is simple, our technicians remove the supply grilles and introduce the Rotobrush brush head into the air duct work as far as it can goes, and Rotobrush clean the interior of the duct without upsetting it interior, genteelly removing particles from it interior.

We offer 3 different packages, base on the duct condition and owner aspiration.

Brush supply grille and clean air ducts.
$25.00 per grille, minimum 5 grilles or $125.00 for the l;whole house.

Silver package
Wash Supply grille and clean air ducts.

Click here to see a video of how Rotobrush works.

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