It not a secret that your air conditioner, is the most expensive appliance in your home and it constant use will generate WEAR to the unit. Only regular preventive maintenance will keep your air conditioner in peak condition; that why a well maintained air conditioner will experience fewer breakdowns and use less energy.

"Preventive maintenance is not a waste of money;
preventive maintenance saves money!"

Service your air conditioner at least twice a year by Quick Recovery Group Inc. and you will be surprise about the results!

Our comprehensive preventive maintenance includes the following inspections.

  • Check compressor pressure.
  •  Compressor amperage.
  •  Compressor voltage.
  • Compressor terminals.
  • Condenser motor.
  • Compressor contactor point of wear.
  • Visual inspection of refrigerant line.
  • Check electrical connection.
  • Capacitors condition.
  • Flush and clean drain line.
  • Add tablets to drain pan.
  • Inspect blower unit.
  • Inspect evaporator motor.
  • Evaporator coil.
  • Check thermostat operation.

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